Fall Term 2017
Kati Fantz McKee

Economics is the study of resource allocation and its effect on society and individuals.  In this course you will learn about economics and its interaction with the business world, the government, and in social concerns.  The course utilizes the text Economics - Principles and Practices, which will be used as you study Economic Basics, Business Economics, and Government Economics. In addition to the text, primary and secondary reading sources will be used, along with role-plays and simulations. You will gain insight into the realm of Social Economics by researching social concerns such as homelessness, environmental degradation, poverty, crime, national health concerns, or other relevant issues, and examining the economic component therein. Current events will be emphasized through viewing the News Hour (PBS); daily perusal of Oregonlive,,, CNN, Tigard Times, etc; and playing a weekly current events team game.  
Class attendance is an essential component of your learning.  Discussions and group dynamics are critical elements, and include the crucial skills of collaboration and active listening. Because of the brief and intensive nature of this course, it is important you make daily attendance a priority. Daily and homework assignments are often graded on a completion basis.  Tests, quizzes, and papers are graded according to predetermined posted criteria.

Grades will be determined by a percentage of your overall point total, as follows:            
Grading Scale                                                                     Grade Breakdown
          A                  90-100%                                       Daily Work                     30%           
          B                  80-89%                                         Test/Quiz                      30%         
          C                  70-79%                                         NewsHours                    20%   
          D                  60-69 %                                        Current Events Test        10%
          F                  Below 60%                                    Final - Research Paper    10%

Unexcused late work will be accepted at 80% of face value.  Tests missed due to absence will be made up as soon as is reasonable; you are responsible for coordinating a make-up time.  Attendance on the day of a test is essential.
Basic classroom rules
Ø  Remember to bring all essentials to class (pen, paper, laptop/tablet, etc.).
Ø  Allow everyone the right to be heard without fear of ridicule.
Ø  Respect each speaker by giving them your full attention.
Ø  Make sure you have permission before using items which are not yours.
Ø  Using personal electronic devises for notetaking is an excellent practice. Please DO NOT use such devises for surfing, texting, gaming, etc. Text messaging, cell phone photography, Hulu, Netflix, etc. are not acceptable. All related/similar activities may not be done during class. Such behavior may result in the electronic devise being confiscated and held for an indeterminate period of time. Perhaps overnight.

My desk is here in Room 215. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk, 
stop by. If I’m not in, leave a note in my box in the Main Office, check out the Band Room, or call me at 503.431.5514 and leave a message.
My school email is

I look forward to communicating with you.

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